Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I want to remember...

At 17 months I want to remember.... much you love your sister.
....the way you walk with a purpose. you say "oh gosh!" when you do something silly.
....that you call Ronan, "RoRo"
....the way you crinkle your nose and snort when your excited about something.
....the fact that you've had 4 haircuts already.
....your insane love for dogs and ability to hear them bark a mile away.
....that you never cry when I drop you off at daycare, you just say "bye,bye." much you love your daddy. still don't sleep as good as your sister did. love blankets, you always want one covering you while riding in the car.
....that you call all of your stuffed animal bears "beby." would drink a gallon of milk if I let you.
....that you call a cookie, "nunu."
....your obsessed with wearing everyone else's shoes...especially Jenna's flipflops.
....that you love watching videos of either yourself or dogs on our phones. you always turn the Xbox and cable box on and off constantly, and how it drives your daddy mad!
....when you give a me kiss you make the "mmwaa" sound.
....that you are a holy terror compared to your sister.
....everytime you smile it makes up for all the times you drive me crazy.

I love you Liam Bradley....