Monday, February 7, 2011

Our weekend

We had a rough beginning to our weekend. We got a surprise ice storm Thursday afternoon that none of the meteorologists in the city saw coming. I had to leave work early (as did everyone else in Bham) to get Jenna because all the schools closed early. A drive that would normally take me 15 minutes took an hour and fifteen minutes. The ice piled up fast, and it was a nerve racking drive home.
The next morning schools opened late so I took Jenna to her Nini's (John's mom) house to spend the day. Around 11 she called me. Apparently Jenna had caught the stomach virus her Daddy had last week. She's four years old and has somehow managed to avoid ever vomiting until then(with the exception of spitting up as a baby). Thankfully Nini said she would tend to her so I could stay at work and try to avoid getting it myself. When I got home, John took care of her most of the time, she mainly lounged in her playroom watching TV and would occasionally go get in her bed and sleep. Around 9 I went to check on her and she had gotten up and put herself to bed, poor girl. She woke up the next morning a completely different child. She felt so much better and was glad to be feeling good.

Saturday we decided to go register for my baby shower for Liam. I've got some great friends who said they wanted to throw me a shower and with 4 1/2 years between kids, plus having a boy this time, we need a lot of stuff. There is a new baby store in town that is amazing. They have everything you could imagine needing and then some. Going through the store I really started to get excited about having another baby around. I just hope he's easy like Jenna was. She spoiled me I think. I still can't believe we are going to have two kids. It's a little surreal. Sunday was the Super Bowl. I don't really watch pro football, but the commercials can be really fun. It was a good excuse to have a few friends over too. John made homemade chicken and dumplings which is his signature dish. Over all, we had a good weekend, especially since Green Bay won.

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