Monday, July 27, 2009

Full Moon Friday

Was there a full moon Friday????

I was so ready to go home Friday afternoon. I missed my child and I was just tired of working for the week. I was glad to be able to sneak out about 30 minutes early. On my way to pick up Jenna I got a phone call from an irate husband. He was ranting and raving about coming home to this:

Apparently our fence jumping German Shepperd, Max and lab mix, Major just had to get out and attack our lovely swimming pool. They didn't get in for a cool dip, but they did feel it was necessary to bite the holy crap out of it. Not only did they do this to the pool, but they bit and popped every one of her balls and water toys!!!

We have a HUGE fenced in backyard and you would think that they would be happy and content. But apparently not. We have the wire on the bottom of the fence that "zaps" them if they try to go under, but Max is very elusive and doesn't seem to be affected. I think we will be investing in one of those "invisible" fence systems.

Continuing with full moon Friday, I arrived at Jenna's daycare to pick her up, and was greeted by her with, "Mommy, Emma bite me!" Evidently Jenna wanted the truck Emma was riding on the playground and Emma said no, and took a bite to make her point.

Jenna was not happy about what her friend did to her. Nor were her mommy and daddy, but it happens, that's one of the few hazards of daycare and two year old's.

On to more pleasant things. Saturday morning Jenna and I went to Wal-Mart to get a patch so John could try to fix the pool. On our way back it was still early and I decided to hit a couple of yard sales. The first one was just a bunch of junk thrown onto to a sheet in the yard, so we didn't even stop. The second one actually had tables, so we got out. They didn't have much, but we did find something that Jenna could call her very own.....

Yes people, we went to a yard sale and came home with a new family member. He was a stray that wondered up to the house a couple of days ago, and the resident (princess) cat did not like him, so he had to go somewhere. That somewhere was going to be the pound if they didn't find him a home this weekend. Jenna absolutely adores him, and he tolerates her (carrying, up in your face, constant petting, laying on you toddler) very well. So, in our books, he's a keeper.

Blogging world, meet Mr. Spock. Do you think my husband is a Treky??

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  1. CUTE Cat! But what a horrible Friday! When it rains. . .