Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A family hobby that I'm finally embracing.

My Grandmother made all of my dresses when I was a little girl. I never wore a store bought dress until I was around 10 or 11. I was always amazed at how good she was at sewing. I watched her all the time, learned a lot of the terms and what different machines did. She would let me help when I could and showed me how to do a lot of things. All that said I have always had a high interest in sewing. I sewed a little in my high school Home-Economics class, and when I got married, my parents bought my first Singer sewing machine. I purchased a how-to book on sewing and made some really cute curtains for our den. After that I basically piddled around with a few projects, but I never got really into it.

Sewing is something that you have to practice, practice, practice to get really good at (a little family history helps too). I was way too impatient to realize this when I first started sewing on my machine. After a lot of failed attempts at a few projects I put my machine up. I just got really frustrated with fact that I wasn't good to begin with.

I read lots of blogs, and recently came across some really great sewing blogs that gave me some inspiration. I got my sewing machine back down because I really love to sew. I would love to be able to make my daughters clothes and other things for her. I just have to get that practice. I recently came across this great blog with a nap mat tutorial. Jenna really needed a new one so I gave it my best shot, and it turned out great!!

My most recent projects were for a good friend of mine who is having her second little girl in October. I made bibs, burp clothes, and a taggie blanket from tutorials I found on the Internet because I still need a little guidance before I go at it on my own. Here are some pics of the finished products.

I made three off these bibs. The only problem I had was sewing the area where I had to leave open for turning, but hopefully that will get easier.

The taggie blanket worked out great and I made a set of four burp clothes. They have quilt batting in the middle for extra absorption.

Here's little miss Jenna showing off Mommy's creations.

I hope to continue my sewing adventures and plan on sharing them with you on my blog.


  1. They are great! I had no idea you could do that. I hope you keep it up and are able to make some extra $! BTW the bibs match an outfit Cindy made for Lily so we should get some pics with them. Jenna is so cute showing them off!

  2. Those are adorable!! Great work!

  3. Didn't realize you had a blog. I love the creations. Jenna's getting so big and pretty. :) :)