Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life and Death


So it has been four years since my last normal pregnancy. This one, thankfully, is going very well. I am one of those rare people who doesn't get sick or have a rough time in their pregnancy. Every pregnancy is supposed to be different, but this one has been very similar with only a few exceptions.

I am so excited that I'm having a baby boy! It's going to be a totally new experience. I am wondering how I we're going to handle a rambunctious little boy, especially if he's anything like how he's been acting in my uterus. This kid is the future karate kid. He hurts! I don't ever remember Jenna kicking me like this. He moves around so much. But I love the movement, it is the coolest thing about pregnancy to me. The fact that God chose me to carry this little life is awesome.

My weight gain has been non existent far. I'm eating, but I have noticed that I don't have that huge pregnancy appetite yet. I did get in trouble with my doc. I had not gained anything by my 15 week appt. At my 20 week appt I had gained 5 pounds and that has satisfied her for now. I'm sure I'll start to pack on the pounds soon enough. ;-)


Ronan and Axle are our two cats and we have two dogs(German Shepherds), Max and Lucy. The cats are predominately inside and the dogs are outside surrounded by a privacy fence. (can you guess where I'm going with this?)

Axle is still a kitten and stays inside 90% of the time. He has started venturing out occasionally with Ronan. Ronan goes in and out regularly. Axle and Jenna are best friends. He lets her push him around in her baby stroller, she carries him around, and when he was really little she would wrap him up in a blanket and hold him like a baby, and he liked it! He tolerates her better than any animal I know.

So, Sunday night we are awakened by Axle scratching at the carpet and Jenna's door wanting to get into her room. John gets up and lets Axle outside and we go back to bed. At around 3:15a I hear the dogs.........then I hear a cat.........(if you don't care to read details stop now)......I opened and looked out the window to see poor Axle being tossed around like a toy by our dogs, he never had a chance. John got up and went to clean him up and I lost it. All I could think about was Jenna and how much she loved that cat.

The next day we got Jenna ready and I took her to school and went to work. That afternoon is when we would tell her. The afternoon came pretty quick, I picked her up and we went home. When we got home John sat her down and told her that Axle had gotten out and died. She lost it for about 5 minutes and then she asked for a snack and to watch cartoons. Kids amaze me sometimes. She did ask what happened and we told her that a dog bit him and he died and went to heaven. She's been doing OK, but will occasionally tell us she misses him. We won't be getting another one. I don't want her to get the idea that she'll get a new one every time something bad happens.

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  1. That makes me sad. I liked Axle. I'm going to go cry now. J/K. But still I love that cat he was too cute. How about you get a new cat for me and not Jenna...and just leave it at your house. :) That'll solve Jenna thinking she gets a new one every time one of hers dies. :) haha